Frequently asked questions

What is iBuySfl?

We are a technology forward real estate brokerage that provides a digital platform for real estate transactions. Our focus is the consumer, we have taken the combined knowledge of our founders accrued through higher education at Florida International University School of Real Estate and real life practice, which transpired into a website that creates value for the consumer. Our goal is to protect the consumers time value spent on a Real Estate transaction and to get the buyer the best deal possible.

How iBuySFL creates value for the consumer?

Our company creates value by sending offers faster than any traditional brokerage, consumers can shop for real estate at their own pace, our clients will save time and money searching through tens of thousands of realtors online, and of course the phenomenon of sending any offer to sellers from your mobile device or computer with the click of a button from anywhere in the world.

What does the “Schedule a Tour” feature do?

For clients in South Florida, the “Schedule a Tour” feature provides a quick and easy way to view any property for sale in South Florida. A licensed real estate agent will schedule an appointment on your behalf and go check out the property with you. For clients outside of South Florida the “schedule a tour” feature means that an agent from iBuySFl will go to the property and send you a virtual tour of it as if you were there.

What does the “Submit an Offer” feature do?

Once you submit an offer that information is sent directly to the seller of the property for further consideration. Our offers get sent to the seller drastically faster than any traditional brokerage.

What happens once I submit an offer to the seller?

Once you submit an offer to the seller an agent from iBuySFL will present the offer to the seller and constantly communicate with the buyer the results from the seller. Negotiations will take place at the highest ability of iBuySFL agents. Our team is experienced in many different types of negotiating practices for real estate transactions.

What happens once the offer is accepted?

Once the offer is accepted an iBuySfl agent will work closely with you regarding all issues of a real estate transaction. Including: inspections, appraisal, survey, loan approval, insurance and title closing.

Should I be pre-approved prior to submitting an offer?

Yes you should be pre-approved prior to submitting an offer. If you are not working with a lender already please click contact us and we can refer you to one. iBuySfl works with the best lenders in Real Estate.

Can I submit an offer for rent?

Yes you can, just click the submit an offer button and submit the properties information. One of our licensed agents will reach out to you immediately to collect more private information needed to present the landlord (credit report, income verification, and background check)

Is it better to rent or buy?

At iBuySfl we believe it is better in most circumstances to buy. We have reason to believe, with interest rates being at all time lows and many programs to allow buyers to purchase with very little money, now is the time to buy real estate. Benefits of homeownership include: building equity, tax deductions, a fixed mortgage (rents increase every year), owning an asset to get financing against, etc. When you rent you’re just paying you’re landlords mortgage. Many mortgages are actually at lower monthly payments than rent.

Do I NEED 20% down to buy a home?

No, our wide arrangement of lenders we recommend using, can secure your financing with as little as 0% down. The lenders we work with are fit to satisfy any type of buyer in any real estate transaction.

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